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Animated player sprite

Over the past holiday period I have given some attention to my game, codenamed ‘Action Rogue’. It now has a player sprite, animated in four directions. The player can move in eight directions, so animations are re-used for the diagonals. It is also possible for the player to move their shield forward, and to strike with their sword. I imagine the player will walk through a tile-based dungeon system, encountering opponents with similar abilities. The attack animation starts with the character moving their sword back; this movement and the delay before the strike is carried out, will allow for opponents to respond. The shield animation is slightly quicker than the sword animation to make a blocking action possible. A small dot has been added to make it easier to see which way the character is looking.

Animations in four directions

I am applying a keep-it-simple programming approach to this game. For example, instead of writing complicated systems for carried items, allowing for the player hands to also be empty, the code currently knows nothing about items, and just uses a sprite that happens to include a shield and a sword. This allowed me to skip directly to block and attack animations. The complicated systems may still be added later as needed. In this manner I think I can more quickly create actual gameplay.