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App Game Kit

Welcome to my new website. I decided to use WordPress so I can also write a blog post every once in a while. While setting up the list of my games on this new website, I also tested those games and it turned out many did not work properly anymore on my Windows 10 pc. For example, my Blitz Basic games from before 2007 had issues with audio playback or did not properly support alt-tabbing. So I have removed those games from the list.

Then I decided to try App Game Kit Classic (AGK) for a new game. This is a game programming engine by The Game Creators, who also made Dark Basic. Dark Basic of course was the big competitor of Blitz Basic! AGK is still used, maintained and receiving updates. It allows for games to be published for many platforms, including Windows and Android.

The game, codenamed ‘Action Rogue’ for now, is to be a 2d action ‘Roguelite’ game. Specifically, the player controls a character wielding weapons and shields, fighting opponents in a randomly generated dungeon. The plan is to keep the action relatively slow paced. I have not written a design document, instead I just started writing specific code for displaying and moving a character. This way I hope to be able to see results in the form of enjoyable gameplay sooner, and not lose interest before that point is reached.

The AGK interface, showing its functional (not object oriented) programming language and the simple beginnings of my game