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My sword and sorcery game, using the working name action-rogue up to this point, is now called Altar’s Gold. An ancient altar, which according to stories is filled with treasure, is hidden deep within a dungeon below the ruins of a fortress.

In the previous post I described how I switched to a more elaborate ECS (entity component system). Already a bit before that, I decided to abandon the idea of the player sprite containing a sword and a shield. To have the option of using different weapons, such as those found in the dungeon, the graphics of the player and the weapons needed to be separated. This fits with the new ECS approach: the player is an entity, but swords and shields are also entities. The player entity is made up of components that make it possible for them to move around the dungeon using keyboard input, while a sword entity cannot walk but instead has components that allow it to be picked up and wielded by other entities such as the player.

Therefore I remade the player walking animation, this time without sword and shield. Of course this will require displaying weapons in the correct location and orientation during walking, attacking, etc. On the one hand this make everything much more complex that I had perhaps planned originally. On the other hand, once it works it will allow for a richer game.

New player animation without sword and shield
Just walking around

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