Finished games

Grand Prix

August 2013 | Blitz Max | Windows | Download at

Grand Prix is a racing game inspired by Pole Position and other racing games from the previous century. These games do not use a complete 3d system but rather a fixed view on a track that is accomplished with 2d game techniques, as explained and illustrated on Lou’s Pseudo 3d Page. In Grand Prix, the ultimate goal for the player is to try and complete 8 laps, winning the gold cup. This is quite a challenge, with the clock ticking down and opponent cars getting in the way. The car is controlled using the arrow keys. (Alternatively ‘A’ and ‘Z’ can be use for throttle/brake, and ‘<‘ and ‘>’ can be used for steering.) The music in this game is by coda ( Sound effects were made using SFXR, and the game was programmed in Blitz Max.

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