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Three menus

In my sword and sorcery game Altar’s Gold, three menus for the player to handle items have now been defined: inventory, equipment, and floor. Only one menu can be open at a time.

The floor menu shows items near the player and allows for items to be picked up. If a suitable equipment slot is still free, the item is equipped, otherwise it is stored in the inventory if space is available.

The inventory menu offers options for either dropping a selected item to the floor, or to wield it. (I changed the verb ‘equip’ to ‘wield’ so W is the key for wielding an item and E is the key for switching to the equipment menu.)

The equipment menu lets the player store a selected item in the inventory, or drop it to the floor.

Demonstrating the three menus

I am now working on the behaviour of computer controlled entities. In the video above the new ‘grave robber’ entity (using the player animations) is wandering about randomly, paying no attention to the player. The plan is to have basic combat between the player and other entities, so that a bit of gameplay is possible and an ‘in development’ version can be published on

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